Dry Blasting

Strip away old coatings & contaminants

What is Dry Blasting?

Dry blasting is an extremely efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly way of stripping away old coatings & contaminants, without using dangerous solvent-based cleaning chemicals. Complicated shapes can be efficiently cleaned without substrate erosion or dimensional change.

This method of abrasive cleaning and surface preparation involves propelling small particles or abrasive media at a surface at high velocity to strip away rust, scale, contaminants and surface coatings. Also known as sandblasting, but sand is no longer used due to the health risks of inhaling silica particles.

Using the latest dry blasting equipment, we use a variety of media to suit the application, from aluminium oxide in different grit sizes, right through to chilled iron and other media such as soda, walnut etc.


Specialist Dry Blasting.

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