Vapour Blasting

Number 1 choice for the highest quality surface finish

What is Vapour Blasting?

Vapour Blasting, also known as Wet Blasting or Liquid Honing, is a simultaneous cleaning and finishing process for removing contaminants from a surface using pressurised water and gentle abrasive blast media.

It is the number one choice for applications requiring the highest quality surface finish and is completely non-invasive so we can clean safe in the knowledge no material is removed, especially important for engine and gearbox components.

Vapour Blasting Features


Wet blasting produces a finer surface finish than traditional dry blasting. The water flushes out the abrasive, so there is no media impregnation on the blasted surface, leaving a smoother cleaner surface.

Vapour blasting is the best choice when you want to preserve your surface, making it ideal for cleaning grease, rust, factory coatings, paint or other contaminants from old car or motorcycle parts, giving a softer, less abrasive finish. Aluminium, chrome, or steel surfaces have a satin-like finish at the end of the process.

Ideal Applications

  • Degreasing and surface finishing of parts and components
  • Removing rust, paint, coatings, carbon deposits and residue
  • Preparing surfaces prior to bonding or repainting and recoating
  • Cleaning electrical connectors
  • Safe for motor parts, classic car & vintage car parts, racing car parts, motorbike parts etc. 


  • Virtually dust free procedure
  • Cleans by flow of water not by impact
  • Simultaneously degrease & blast clean
  • Water acts as a lubricant between media & component
  • Promotes longer media life
  • Produces a ‘softer’ finish
  • Avoids media impregnation on soft materials
  • Removes surface coatings without damaging the underlying surface
  • Helps metal parts resist further staining or oxidation


Never sand blast again. Discover Vapour Blasting.

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